The Key To Working Capital Financing – Asset Based Lenders

Wondering how your competition seems to have all the working capital financing they need and you don’t – the key to that answer might just be asset based lenders and the asset based lines of credit they offer to Canadian businesses such as yours.Let’s examine how this relatively new and unique method of business financing can totally alter your business financing success.The acronym for this type of financing is A B L; simply speaking its daily cash flow provide against your current, and sometimes now so current assets. What do we mean by that? Simply that this facility allows you to margin your receivables, inventory, and in most cases, should you choose, fixed assets and real estate. You are probably saying to yourself that you could arrange financing on your own re those fixed assets and real estate – but we are talking about using those assets as collateral for your daily revolving line of credit. So you aren’t borrowing, you are not bringing debt on to your balance sheet, you are just leveraging your ‘ assets ‘ (that’s the ‘A’ in ABL!) for daily cash flow and working capital.And why are we claiming that this type of working capital financing just might be your key to business success. Simply because you have probably found it has been challenging to get the full amount of business credit you need. In some cases you might have discovered its been a challenge to get business lines of credit of any manner.So if your competitors are using this type of financing today, who exactly is eligible for it, and is your firm a candidate. The answer is simply that if your firm has a combination of 250k in working capital assets you are immediately eligible for asset based lines of credit. We would add that firms with smaller asset sizes can still monetize those receivables via invoice financing or discounting, but that’s not our key focus for today’s information exchange.So now you now the offering are out there. But why should you consider it. Simply because your firm might be in one of a number of special situations – that includes issues such as your need for increased daily operating cash, you wish to merge with or finance an acquisition, you have been unable to obtain inventory financing elsewhere, you are growing to quickly for traditional Canadian chartered banking financing, etc! We are pretty sure you get the picture now!The benefits to this type of business financing must by now be pretty obvious. It’s all about access to working capital financing and cash flow that you couldn’t access before. Assets that couldn’t be financed are now financeable, and inventory financing, previously limited or unavailable now looms on your growth horizon.Who are these asset based lenders, and what is the cost of this financing? We’ll leave that one for another day, but if you want to investigate asset based lines of credit for your firm ( remember, your competitor probably already has ) then speak to a trusted, credible, and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who will assist you with identifying benefits and the best solution for your current strained needs in business finance.

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The Rise of Mixed Martial Arts and the Fall of Boxing

When talking about the world’s fastest growing sport, Mixed Martial Arts, the topic of MMA vs. Boxing and which is more entertaining, always seems to find it’s way into the conversation. It’s a debate that strikes a nerve with purists of both sports, but fun to discuss.As a fan of both sports, I hate to see what the world of boxing has done to itself. Yes, most would point to Don King and the corruption that has gone hand in hand with the sport for decades, but the problem is even more than that. The problem is the fact that fans are getting more action, excitement, and entertainment value for their dollar compared to boxing.The eroding interest in boxing and it’s fan base starts with the lack of quality free fights being broadcast on television over the course of the year. In contrast, the UFC, which is MMA’s largest fight promotion has several free “fight nights” airing on free television that have title implications in the ranks. StrikeForce just made waves with the signing of the world’s best pound for pound fighter in Fedor Emelianenko. They will try to make “Fedor” a household name, powered by the fact that they have an ongoing deal with CBS for several free broadcasts a year.Unlike boxing, in MMA the sports biggest figures are all well known and followed, while boxing fans cling to thoughts of Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones Jr. Boxing has way too many belts and weight divisions to stay relevant to the masses. What average boxing fan can name all the belt holders at all the different weights? Not many I imagine. MMA has less weight classes, but truly dominate fighters that hold the belts.Unfortunately, the problem with today’s MMA landscape, is the feuding and showmanship that has gone on between rival organizations and their management teams. Obviously, the first to come to mind to most would be Dana White. Or “Diva White” as some like to refer to the man responsible for the resurgence of not only the UFC, but Mixed Martial Arts in general. It’s hard to knock a person responsible for putting MMA back on the map, but he seems to be at the core of some of the problems that have risen with the negotiations that have gone on to put on fights between different promotions. This not only causes a loss for the parties involved, but really for the fans that want to see these matchups of the worlds greatest fighters, but probably will never get to witness.It is my opinion though, that we as MMA fans should be thankful for Dana White’s ability along with the Fertitta brothers to launch the sport into the spotlight and continue to parlay that growth into a rabid fan base. I would love to see the boxing world get itself back on track with a great 2010 with the likes of Manny Pacquiao. This fighter embodies everything I ever loved about the sport. Skill, a fierce inner drive, heart, and guts. But as I write this article, the mega fight between Pacman and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is in peril due to blood testing issues.For the new year let’s hope as fans of combat sports, that boxing continues to build on the momentum they have entering the year, and that the “business as usual” mentality that has for so long plagued the sport will not ruin maybe the biggest fight of any type in history. And for the owners, CEO’s, and bean counters of Mixed Martial Arts’ biggest promotions, can’t we all just get along?

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Careers in Photography

From exotic locales to magazine covers to newspapers, a career in photography will allow you to unleash your creativity and to choose exactly how you want to pursue it.What Can Photography Schools Do For You?These schools essentially help you to develop creative and artistic skills, along with the technical abilities that are necessary for you to become a professional photographer. Students can pursue lucrative and satisfying careers by blending photography and art to fit their specific interests. The courses provided are wide-ranging and technical, and provide training in the use and care of cameras, and in handling the intricacies of film development.The training includes instructions on conventional cameras and other equipment, digital photos, types of lenses, length of exposures and the various techniques used for developing prints. Several universities and colleges award degrees in photography such as Associate of Arts (AA), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA). In addition, some schools provide graduate level courses for certificates in photography with advanced techniques. Students can select photography as either a major or a minor subject, or they can choose special photography classes simply to pursue their interests.These schools encourage and develop originality, creativity, resourcefulness, personal expression and individual style through their training programs. The curriculum consists of digital and film techniques, lighting, camera basics, portraiture, fine arts, digital imaging software, and composition and darkroom printing techniques.Many schools also offer courses in illustration, documentary film making techniques, designing, commercial advertising, presentation skills, business skills, photojournalism, and how to set up a studio for aspiring photographers. Photography school graduates can specialize in sports, marketing, news, portraiture and several other professions within the vast field of photography. Bachelor and Associate Degrees provide entry-level positions as artists, technicians, and assistants in commercial photography.Careers in Photography If you acquire a comprehensive basic education from any school or college, then here are a few of the fields you can specialize in:o Digital Photographyo Fashion Photographyo Editorial Photographyo Advertising Photographyo Wedding Photographyo Documentary Style Photographyo Photo TechnicianFor gifted people who are naturally talented, photography as a career can be very lucrative and bring fame. Indeed, many professional photographers have reached the top of this field, and are highly sought after for their services. Here are a few careers in photography that students can pursue:o Newspaper and Magazine Photographer – Although freelance photography is more lucrative, photographers who are just getting started can make a name for themselves through newspapers and magazines.o Advertising Agencies – In advertising agencies, photographers make ads for various campaigns. You can grow in this field and even become an art director or a supervisor for operations.o Fashion Shooting – Working in fashion shoots involves hard work, but is a stimulating experience. Photographers conceptualize and direct the shoots. Many fashion houses employ photographers.o Event Photographer – Events like weddings and concerts or debuts require photographers to document the function.o Freelance Photographer – Freelance photography is a challenging but satisfying and exciting career. There are a number of international organizations like the UNICEF that hire professional photographers to make various documentaries in remote areas.Photography careers are as artistically rewarding as they are profitable. For all those with a creative bent of mind and an artistic eye, a career in photography can open a wide vista of opportunities.

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