The Vacuum For Pet Lovers Is The Dyson DC24 Animal

The Dyson DC24 Ball, upright vacuum cleaner is for pets and their owners. This vacuum is the animal model from the very popular Dyson DC24 range and it is designed quite differently from the original. Like all Dyson vacuums it is built for purpose with several features that make it perfect for picking up pet fur and making cleaning easy.Described as a compact vacuum it is a good deal lighter and more easy to use than the heavier Dyson DC25. It is an excellent choice for a medium size house, with one or two pets or maybe an apartment. It actually weighs less than twelve pounds, but has all the powerful technology that has made this brand of vacuum so popular. It is so light you can lift it up and down the stairs very easily and can use it to vacuum the stairs without using the stair attachment.This version of the DC24 comes with a turbine power attachment in the head, which is incredibly efficient at removing the pet fur not only from carpet but from drapes and upholstery. There is an additional hose and attachments specifically for cleaning upholstery or the stairs and those ensure that you can clean efficiently even the hard to reach areas. One of the features of the Dyson vacuums is the brightly colored plastic ball at the base of the machine. This houses the motor and causes the center of gravity on the machine to be lowered, as a result it gives a smooth gliding action when using the vacuum. No need to push or strain, this machine will easily access small corners and glide around furniture and obstacles on the floor.The suction on the Dyson DC24 is excellent and that is really what this vacuum is famous for, loss of suction is eliminated thanks to a special technology called root cyclone action. You get the Dyson guarantee for five years for complete peace of mind when you buy this machine. One of the features that Dyson is famous for is their emphasis on health and the standard washable HEPA filter that is installed in each vacuum makes this vacuum invaluable for allergy sufferers.When the filter is dirty you just wash it and replace and can use it over and over. The makers claim that the expelled air from the vacuum is cleaner than the air that is sucked in. This vacuum is perfect for allergy and asthma sufferers. All Dyson vacuum cleaners, including the DC24 are certified as asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so you can be confident that your vacuuming is not affecting your family’s health.The dust container is also washable, it is a plastic container that opens from the base, so you can just hold it over the trash and let the dust out and of course you never have to buy bags or replace the container. This is just another example of the Dyson attention to detail and the great value for money the Dyson DC24 represents.Storage for this vacuum is extremely easy, the body is quite compact and in addition the handle telescopes down so that you can put it away in a very small storage space and have it handy to pull out whenever you might need it. With so many features, this vacuum cleaner is an excellent investment for anyone with pets.

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